Who We Are

We are a design and manufacturing company, combining creative design innovation with aerospace manufacturing quality.

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Our Values

Quality in every action

IntelliDesign values people and partners who share our passion for quality, and calling out, owning, and solving issues.

Together we are better

IntelliDesign invests in long-lasting partnerships with our customers. Our people bring individual strengths to embrace challenges as a collaborative team.

Innovation is cultural

IntelliDesign works on the underlying assumption that everything can be improved by anybody.

Our Team at Work

IntelliDesign is a community of people with diverse skills and experience. Our values and principles inform the way we work and the decisions we make.

At IntelliDesign diversity of talent and depth of experience combine to drive innovation and mitigate risk. Every day at IntelliDesign interdisciplinary clusters of people can be seen picking apart and solving shared challenges with rigor and imagination.

Our Story

Four become many.

In 1995, Andrew and Shelley Ward teamed up with Chris and Robin Bishop to form a company creating medical devices, instilling quality as a fundamental part of IntelliDesign from project one. Quality continues to be central in all we do; it matters, and is always in demand.

Since inception, our founders have fostered an environment of ideas and imagination, trial and error, technical skill and tenacity, sweat, and small wins. Our ‘Intelli-culture’ has evolved, making us both, the harshest critic of our processes, and a committed advocate of our people and products.

Today, in the presence of innovation, we continue to ask hard questions, seeking to attain exact, often unique, specifications in our journey to create game-changing products for our customers.

Chris Bishop Director

Chris Bishop


Robin Bishop Director

Robin Bishop


Sue David Chief Financial Controller

Sue Davis

Chief Financial Officer

Jim Walker Director

James Walker


Andrew Ward Director and Principal Engineer

Andrew Ward

Director and Principal Engineer

Shelley Ward Director

Shelley Ward


Sarah Zeljko Director

Sarah Zeljko


Matt Bromwich CEO

Matt Bromwich


Sylvia Choy Financial Controller

Sylvia Choy

Financial Controller

John Clair Engineer

John Clair

Design and Engineering Manager

Stuart Harding Head of IT and Business Systems

Stuart Harding

Head of IT and Business Systems

Frank Harrington Sales and Marketing Manager

Frank Harrington

Sales and Marketing Manager

Clair Jordan

Human Resource Manager

Wesley Neilsen Operations Manager

Wesley Nielsen

Operations Manager

Jonathan Tighe Head of Industrial Design

Jonathan Tighe

Head of Industrial Design

Wendy Weeks Quality Manager

Wendy Weeks

Quality Manager

Our Clients
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