Design and manufacturing electronic products for technically challenging and physically demanding environments is our specialty.

IntelliDesign is certified to design and manufacture under AS9100D, ISO9001, is IECEx QAR registered, and has IPC class 3 production capabilities.

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Our Design Services
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Design Strategy and Technical Research

We work collaboratively with our customers to envisage product roadmaps and set development strategies. We undertake technology investigations and provide guidance on the challenges and opportunities within that technology.
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Electronics Engineering

We design bespoke electronics, ranging from embedded microprocessor systems to power supplies, from wireless RF devices to custom electro-optic sensors. Our circuits are engineered to mitigate component availability challenges and meet the environmental demands in which the device operates.

Industrial Design

We dissect and rationalise project inputs, create products that connect with users and work well. We define manufacturing geometry which is aesthetically appealing, functionally pragmatic, and offers long-term in-service reliability.

Mechanical Engineering

We develop complex electro-mechanical mechanisms and tackle thermodynamic problems. Using a combination of software simulation (FEA+CFD via Ansys+Fluent) and physical testing, we verify the long-term performance of the products we create. Our capability encompasses static, transient, linear and non-linear systems, with analysis across fluid, thermal, fatigue, shock, impact and vibration factors.
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Software Development

We are specialists in embedded firmware and device driver development. We port operating systems and provide board support packages for custom hardware, creating custom APIs for hardware-agnostic cross-platform designs. We offer user-centric application UI /UX development for embedded, PC, and mobile applications.
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Our Design Team

We believe diversity drives innovation.

When people of different disciplines are placed side-by-side, they develop empathy and understanding of each other’s problems. This dramatically amplifies the team’s ability to generate novel and robust ideas.

Our interdisciplinary design team serves a diverse portfolio of customers across many markets; mining technology, material processing, medical, aerospace, energy management, smart transportation, rail, defence, and IoT.

People first
These are the principles that shape our design process and provide certainty for our customers.

We adopt a human-centred approach to design, placing people and users first. Irrespective of the technology we are working with, we believe it is the human interaction and user experience which sets a product apart.

Complex problems are confronted with creative design thinking strategies and engineering rigor. We apply adventurous idea exploration, combined with a disciplined gated design process, to create, unique and reliable products.
Understanding the context
We seek to understand the context before the design starts. Understanding comes from site visits, spending time in the field, interviewing people, and listening to our customers. Building empathy for the people who will use our products is central to our design process.

At the same time, we research the operating characteristics and parameters of the applicable technology – its offerings, limitations and the factors influencing its performance.
Defining the problem
Accurately defining the problem is arguably the most critical stage of a project. Clarity and insight are essential to ensure the project team solves the right problem. Focused well-defined problems lead to a greater quantity and higher quality of prospective solutions.

Hand in hand with design is risk, which brings both challenges and opportunities. From the outset, we proactively identify risks and implement mitigation strategies.
Prototyping with purpose
Prototypes are where learning happens and risk is reduced. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a model is worth a million.

Whether we are building a quick cardboard mockup, or a high-fidelity fully functional prototype, we always have specific learning objectives in mind. For us, prototyping is about exposing an idea to users, workshopping scenarios in the field, putting test units though their paces (at times literally amongst the crocodiles), all while iterating, adjusting and fine-tuning.
Leverage existing experience
We understand the commercial importance of obtaining maximum benefit from available development funds. Very rarely does every aspect of a project need to be engineered from the ground up. If a project requires something new, we invent it, but equally, we always look to leverage proven building blocks. By standing on the shoulders of established design elements we minimise project risks, timeline, and costs.
Test it hard
Users do unexpected and terrible things to products. As does the harsh Australian sun and UV rays, arid and sandy deserts, frost and icy arctic conditions, being deep underground, tidal waves and floodwaters, wild weather and animals.

We approach product testing with enthusiasm, deliberately seeking out hidden weak points and unusual failure conditions. Through harsh verification testing we give our customers both confidence in, and knowledge of, the product’s capabilities and limits before taking them to market or site.
DFM from day one
Design for manufacture is in our DNA. Our design teams work within twenty paces of the production lines. The proximity of design and production is a simple but highly effective means to ensure design decisions are cognisant of manufacturability from day one.

At times we push the manufacturing envelope. When we do this, it is a deliberate decision, always taken knowingly, and from a position of experience.

For our customers, the result is engineered products that flow through production, smoothly, efficiently, and consistently.
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Our Manufacturing Services

IntelliDesign is a manufacturing partner.

We create and deliver products at scale.

New Design

Production of a new design we created together with you.

Build to print

Contract manufacture of your existing design to your exact specifications.

Electronics Assembly

We place thousands of parts every day and own the entire process from component procurement, to assembly and testing.

Common characteristics of the boards we assemble:

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We test every board and every product we ship. For some customers, this may involve subjecting each device to thermal and vibration testing.

Some of the tools we use include:

End product assembly

We install 80% of the boards we manufacture into the end product. Plastics, precision metal parts, cable harnesses, optical elements, pneumatics, electromechanical components are just some of the items which come together along our lean assembly lines.

Certainty and flexibility are important to our customers. Flexibility to adapt to changing situations, to scale, to undertake unique inline tests, to modify schedules. All underscored by certainty of delivery.

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Supply chain and lifecycle

We order hundreds of components every day and maintain 100% traceability of our supply chain. Our proprietary Enterprise Resource Planning and quality management system tracks every step, of every process, for every product from cradle to customer and sometimes beyond.

IntelliDesign proactively manages component-level obsolescence challenges for our customers. We assist our defense customers with the sourcing and validation of historical parts which have been end-of-life for many years.

Service and repair

Our customers deploy the products we build into extremely hostile and physically demanding environments.

IntelliDesign’s dedicated service team provides rapid turnaround back-to-base repair and support services for our customers.

Critically, the observations and learnings from the service team are fed back into design and engineering, embedding continuous improvement and informing the design decisions of our customers’ next generation of products.

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Our Certifications
Some of the Standards we design to:

AS/NZS 3100

AS/NZS 3820

CISPR32 / EN55032


FCC Part 15

IEC 60068

IEC 60079-0

IEC 60079-11

IEC 60079-18

IEC 60417

IEC 60529

IEC 60601

IEC 60950

IEC 61000

IEC 62368

IEEE 802

IEEE 1588

ISO 13849

ISO 19014-3

DEF STAN 00-35


DEF(AUST) 5168









Intellidesign has Multiple Team Members Certified to:







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