Keeping people safe in and around the world’s largest mining vehicles.

Mine sites the world over depend upon Wabtec’s Digital Mine Collision Management System to increase operational safety and enhance production efficiency.


Create an ultra-rugged hardware platform equally capable of operating in Siberia’s frozen north or Australia’s scorching Pilbara region.

The CAS-GPS IVU and Display – A robust multi-radio system for vehicle monitoring and collision avoidance. In excess of 10,000 systems deployed and operating in many of the worlds most difficult and inhospitable mine sites.

CoDé System – An RFID based system to monitor and control each and every step in the chemical transfer process. Operational incidents associated with chemical delivery have reduced to zero

Wabtec | CAS-GPS IVU and Display

A long-standing partnership

Embracing the opportunity of a strong partnership, IntelliDesign invested heavily in the development of the IVU platform. This long-term outlook set the foundation for creating a stable architecture which IntelliDesign has manufactured and delivered to Wabtec for over a decade.

Today, the partnership between Wabtec and IntelliDesign remains deep. IntelliDesign is enthusiastically helping create and manufacture Wabtec’s next generation devices, while being equally proud of our ongoing support for existing devices.

Wabtec | CAS-GPS IVU Display

Achieving certainty.

Collision Avoidance Systems provide confidence and deliver safety. Confidence is built upon the physical, electrical, and software reliability of the hardware platform.
In addition to reliability, Wabtec needed a compact form factor, with the flexibility to support multiple communication technologies; cellular, WiFi, V2V, TOF, and GPS.
Tight integration was a key theme of the IVU development. Firmware and hardware were engineered together to achieve utmost stability and efficiency from the processor architecture. The internal modularity, strong thermal performance, and user-centered connector arrangement are a direct result of the highly effective collaboration between hardware engineering and industrial design.

Project Features

Wabtec | CAS-GPS IVU

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